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Business Solutions

“ Cathy was instrumental in streamlining our financials and reporting, making it much more efficient to run meetings and to do forecasting.”  From Rob S.

CCG partners with business owners to evaluate their organization structure, systems and policies. Together, we look at ways to streamline your current practices or develop new ones tailored specifically for your business needs.

  •  Chief Operating Officer (COO) Services

  •  Policy and Procedure Review

  •  Budget and Strategic Goal Planning

  •  Technology and Information System Review

  •  Risk Assessment of Key Operational Controls

  •  Financial and Departmental Assessments

  •  Merger and Acquisition Assistance

  •  Business Continuity Planning

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Compliance Solutions

“Aside from her exceptional interpersonal skills, Cathy has a keen eye for targeting high risk areas within Operations, Compliance and Technology. She advocates for clean and precise policies and procedures to help alleviate all areas of concern within a business.”

From Holly C

Our compliance professionals at CCG work with Broker Dealers and Investment Advisory firms to develop, administer or build upon their current compliance program to meet their regulatory requirements.

  • Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) Services

  • Cybersecurity Program Review and Assessment

  • Annual Compliance Training

  • Annual Compliance Review and Assessment

  • Anti-Money Laundering Program Assistance and Review

  • Identity Theft Program Assistance and Review

  • Merger and Acquisition Assistance



Management Solutions

“Cathy knows the proper balance between tough and accommodating and how to deal with difficult situations. She has vast knowledge and connections to the resources needed to bring about positive change.” 

From Jon E.

CCG specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for business development, growth and talent retention. Our customized strategies deliver improved operational efficiencies with a direct impact on corporate savings.

  •  Risk Management

  •  Organizational Leadership Development

  •  Operational Assessment

  •  Technology Administration

  •  Project Management

  •  Financial Governance

  •  Facilities Management



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