Redesigned eFOCUS System and SEC Security-Based Swap Reporting Requirements

To avoid duplication with the SEC’s 2019 FOCUS amendments, FINRA has revised the Supplemental Inventory Schedule (SIS) so that members that file the new FOCUS Report Part II, pursuant to the SEC’s amendments, will no longer need to file the SIS. The SEC’s new FOCUS reporting requirements, and the revised SIS, will apply beginning with FOCUS reports and SIS filings that report on the period ending October 31, 2021, and are required to be filed in November 2021. See Information Notice 6/3/21 for more information on the upcoming changes.

Additionally, FINRA has redesigned its eFOCUS filing system to add certain enhancements and features to improve members’ filing experience. Members that are quarterly filers may access the new system on FINRA Gateway beginning June 24, 2021. The new system will be made available to monthly filers beginning in July 2021.